Tracking and reporting employee time is child’s play with this tool. This tool will help you create employee timesheets in no time.

Time Tracking Software for Employers

Easy Time Tracking* holds key tools for managing time of your team:

Employee Time Tracking: Timer

  • Timer serves as an automatic time tracker. With Timer the process of recording employee time your coworkers spend becomes much faster and more accurate. Timer can be run in background or on the top of all windows.

Employee Timesheet: Week Logger

  • An employee can also log work hours manually using personal Week Logger. A user can easily navigate back to a previous week to review, adjust or enter additional time entries as need be. It is a good tool for keeping a record of an employee time sheet.

Employee Timesheet Software: Quick Logger

  • Quick Logger toolbar feature can be used for one touch time tracking without having to open any other screen. It simplifies a simple enough process even more.

Employee Time Sheet: Time Logs History

  • Employee time sheets are available for the administrator to track the current status of project tasks and performance of each coworker to improve your business processes. It allows tracking attendance and pay them only for actual hours worked, monitor and control overtime hours, better create employee time sheets.


  • Customizable summary and detailed reports for tracking employee time, expenses and invoices can be easily generated, saved and printed. These reports provide a quick status overview of all projects and tasks for the current time, how much employee time has been spent performing a task. In future it will help you better specify the time frame of a project.

* FREE version is available for simplified time tracking.

Only few features are mentioned here. Take a tour to learn more about Easy Time Tracking or download free version to give it a shot.