The only one that does exactly what I need.

"Last night I was looking at other time tracking programs, just in case, and ETT is the only one that does exactly what I need. I have been very happy with it for many years."

- Wendy Nelson, WordAide Secretarial Service. ETT is going to make me more money and save me more time.

"ETT has been such a great addition to my business process. It’s even a joy to track my activities now. I’ve never before used a product that was so easy, convenient and unobtrusive. I’m convinced that by using ETT I will have more time and earn more money from my daily business activities.

ETT is going to make me more money and save me more time. It’s easy to stay on track and to organize my business and tasks thanks to all the features ETT brings to my organization."

- Rex Winn, Code-frog System Architects, Inc. If you want to use an honest testimonial, here's one.

"I've been using ETT for a month now, and it's only been a productive venture since then. I mean, can you get a better software ? I don't think so... Invoices are done in a snap, tech reports are a click away, time entry is soooo easy. 40$ is a steal for this software. Keep up the good work !!!"

- Ian D
Your support is nothing short of brilliant. You've replied quickly, you've listened to my needs and tailored the program to suit, and you've sent me clear instructions. And this is all before I spent a cent! Well I now have bought your software. - Gareth Church
It has cut my billing time in half...

"Just wanted to express my appreciation for your help today. I have been a loyal Easy Time Tracker user for almost a year now, and the product has been wonderful to use. It has cut my billing time in half and makes it so much easier to see where my time is spent and who I need to bill.

When I had a need to talk to support about a question I had, you were more than accommodating in arranging to meet with me and you took the time to understand my question and help me find the best answer.

Your efforts just confirmed that my decision to purchase ETT was a good one!

Thanks again!"

- Jeremy Stitt, BullFrog Web Solutions I have a renewed vigor towards my time allocations.

"Since I started using Easy Time Tracking I've been dealing with the shock regarding how much of my time is actually being used on my key projects. I had no idea that I was spending so much time on interruptions and such. However, armed with this new information I have a renewed vigor towards my time allocations. Thank you for the great tool!"

- David Byrd Very simple to use...

"[Easy Time Tracking is] very simple to use for a small business such as mine."

- Craig Maupin
The software works great! - Veerle
It's well designed and user friendly.

"I am excited using your product. It's well designed and user friendly."

- Anne Smith The easiest, most straight forward software...

"ETT is fabulous. I searched the web extensively, and it is the easiest, most straight forward software I have found for realtime recording and reporting."

- Tim Steinmeier Helped me organize and utilize my time more efficiently.

"Thanks for making such a great product, it has helped me organize and utilize my time more efficiently."

- Debey Meredith Every minute is recorded and therefore charged accordingly.

"ETT is everything I have been looking for, to quicken the time spent turning billable hours into invoices.

As a small business I often need to switch projects from one client to another and back in quick succession. ETT ensures that every minute is recorded and therefore charged accordingly."

- Peter Witcombe, The Imagineers Already recommended it to one friend.

"I am usually wary of software without phone help, but your immediate and clearly explained responses to my emails leave me quite confident in your product. I am very happy with Easy Time Tracking and have already recommended it to one friend."

- Barry E. Adler, NYU School of Law
We really like your product and, overall, find it very useful. Further, you are one of the most responsive computer software firms that I have ever seen. Never before have I suggested modifications to a program and actually seen them implemented!!!- Gregory B Johnson, The Greatwood Management Company, LLC
Simple, effective and affordable!

"I've just got hired to do graphic work for a local beverage company. I searched for a program to track my time per project. ETT had it all in an outright easy-to-use format. Time tracking, reports and invoicing. What else do you need? I was a bit worried not being able to call for support. But within minutes, my emails were answered!

Great Program.
Simple, effective and affordable!

- Manny Vargas, It is as though the program was written for my exact needs...

"Ecstatic customer! - I have looked long and hard to find a Simple, Lean, Flexible and FAST TO USE time tracking and management program and I have found it in Easy Time Tracking Pro. The key feature for me is the ease with which a new Task record can be created on the fly and then added to the 'Favorites List'. This Favorites feature allows instantaneous switching between tasks while allowing the user to fill out the details later when the action is not so furious and this is the key need that I have. I must change tasks when I answer the telephone and switch instantly back when another individual simply walks into my office to chat and this can happen often in only an hour. It is as though the program was written for my exact needs, thank you Logic Software. "

- Michael Balamuth

"Your company should get a copy of Easy Time Tracking if it needs to track employees' or contractors' time, have detailed statistics on who and how spends the time on one or several projects, know how profitable the projects have been for a certain customer.

You can track your time right from the system tray using our state-of-the art Timer and Quick Logger. The "Favourite Tasks" feature makes it really easy and simple to quickly add time entries for the most common activities."Tucows

"It is an ideal solution for those individual contractors and companies who need to know readily how much time is spent on their tasks and how many hours they need to bill their clients for, as well as track expenses they incur.

Your business needs Easy Time Tracking PRO if it is essential that you track your employees' or contractors' time, as well as expenses being incurred, to make sure your projects are profitable enough."Brothersoft

"These people will benefit greatly from using Easy Time Tracking: Software Developers, Web Designers, IT Contractors, Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, Construction Workers, QA Specialists, Financial Advisors, Writers, Technical Support Specialists, and many others." TechRepublic