The easiest way to track your time

It has never been easier to see how your time is spent (billable or not). A perfect time tracker to weed out all interruptions. Automatic or manual logging. Built-in Timer. Week Logger and Time Logs-modes to quickly and easily manage your timesheets.

Flexible Timesheets

Tired of pen-and-paper routine?

No problem, there is a much better solution!

Easy Time Tracking provides you with an easy and flexible way to keep your time logs updated. On the Time Logs History tab you can sort or filter records by virtually any field. Statistics help you see billable or non-billable time totals for any project, task or client. Each time entry is either billable or not.

Convenient Week Logger

A personal time tracker you will love !

Week Logger is the fastest way to log your time manually. This is best suited for logging your own time. If there is need to log time for another user, use the Time Logs tab instead. Week Logger has an advanced text search tool allowing you to quickly select a task on a dropdown list.

Log your time different ways

Manually or automatically your time is always tracked

This time tracker will let you log your working hours so that you always know how much you have earned working on a task as long as it has an hourly rate (a user-specific rate is available, too!). Log your work hours either by hand, or use Automatic Timer. If you wish to log time without having the main window of the program open, use Quick Logger. The time recording methods the program offers include:

  • Manual: Week Logger,
  • Manual: Quick Logger, and
  • Automatic: Timer.

Automatic Timer

Never miss a billable minute again!

Timer is a nice tool to help you automatically capture your daily time allocation. You can run it hidden, or leave it on screen on top of all other windows. Should you try to exit the time tracker with Timer still running you will be reminded to save your work. In combination with the ‘favorite’ task feature, the time tracker allows you to start timing a task as a matter of first priority. You can set the timer to register the time you are away from your computer, so that you can deduct it from the total time recorded. Manual time adjustment is supported, too.

Quick Logger

Another tool to make time tracking easier

Quick Time Logger is designed to allow you to fill out timesheets without opening the program window! Accessible through System Tray — with a right-click on its icon when the program is running — it has the benefits of a dialog box-type data input tool, and does not require the program window to be open at the time, perfect for those who would rather log their time without interrupting their main work.

Web-Based Timelogs

Log and track time even if you’re away from your computer!

The web-based component of teh time tracker allows you to add and track time log entries even if you don’t have direct access to Easy Time Tracking itself. If you are on the road, or with a client, as long as you can access an active internet connection, you are able to log in and update your time logs. And when you get back home, you can synchronize the information with the desktop-based component of Easy Time Tracking.