Manage your customers, projects and tasks, track time and bill client

Create profiles of your customers, projects and tasks. Enjoy the most flexible rate system including hourly rate and fixed cost tasks. Keep a database of all your business contacts, projects and time-based or fixed cost activities. Keep track of your daily to-dos, with this task time tracking software.

Grow your “money” tree

A tree-like structure of customers, projects and tasks made real easy!

    Using an intuitive Tree View mode, you can easily manage all your projects and tasks. Available details for tasks include category, status, hourly rate and percentage of completion. Drag and drop for duplicating customers, projects or tasks. Three types of rates – hourly rate, fixed cost, and user rate – are supported. Enjoy unlimited task hierarchy.

Detailed info on each customer, project and task you have

A chance to have all your business contacts, projects and activities stored in a well structured way!

    Keep a database of customers, projects and tasks — easy to track, easy to manage with this project time tracking tool! Once created, these are placed on the navigation tree with a drag-n-drop function to duplicate items effortlessly! Create as many similar items, – customers, projects, tasks or subtasks, – as can be required, without having to reenter their details. Three types of billing are supported: hourly rate, fixed cost, user rate. The latter allows for user-specific billing of tasks.