Easy Time Tracking offers user friendly and efficient time tracking

We look to meet our customers’ needs all the time and thus keep improving the product. New features are added on a regular basis. Please send us you feedback so that we can make the software yet more efficient and comfortable to use!

Do it Big Way with ENTERPRISE Version

Larger companies choose Easy Time Tracking Enterprise.

    Easy Time Tracking Enterprise database management is based on MS SQL Server. This makes it more suitable for teams with 20 or more members. Features specific to ETT Enterprise (not available in ETT Pro) are:

    • lockout date, i.e. deny regular users access to time records made earlier than that date,
    • Windows (Active directory) authentication, whereby users can login to the software using their Windows login and password, and
    • additional data security, provided by connectiong string encryption.

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Multi-user Support

Track time for your whole team!

    The software has everything for efficient team time-tracking, with a very simple setup. Manager can login as administrator user while his or her subordinates as limited access users. Administrator can view all other users’ entries, limited access ones – only theirs. User-specific rates can be used when billing for one and the same task. Administrator-users can also approve time entries or expenses to make them final.

Copying customers, projects or tasks

Re-use project and task templates

    The navigation tree has a drag-n-drop functionality allowing you to duplicate customers, projects and tasks in a truly effortless way. The copying does not involve copying actual time entries, only details of respective items. The tree also has a right-click menu associated with some useful actions to do on the items.

USB Flash Drive Support

Run it off a portable flash drive, or store data on it.

    Easy Time Tracking Pro is a portable application that can be run off an USB drive. The key features are:

    • you store both the program and database on the drive thus being able to run to the program on any computer you plug it to, or
    • you store only the database on the drive, while the program is installed on your computer.

Safe and reliable

Your data is protected

    The software has a secure login mechanism to protect your user account from unauthorized access.