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ETT Enterprise
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Volume Discounts

ETT Pro ETT Enterprise
Price per license 1-Year Gold Subscription Price per license 1-Year Gold Subscription
1-5 licenses
$99.98 $49.98 $159.98 $89.98
6-10 licenses
$91.98 $45.98 $151.98 $79.98
11-50 licenses
$81.98 $41.98 $147.98 $75.98
51-100 licenses
$69.98 $35.98 $119.98 $59.98
>100 licenses
$49.98 $25.98 $89.98 $44.98
all prices are in USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Money Back Guarantee

Do you offer a money back guarantee? If you are not satisfied with Easy Time Tracking, we offer a 30 day no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee.

Is the purchase process secure? We use industry-standard SSL-based encryption to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

What kind of a payment do you accept? We accept payments by a credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, or purchase orders. All online credit card orders are processed securely and privately through our authorized payment processor - FastSpring.

If you would like to buy Easy Time Tracking PRO via Purchase Order or by phone, please contact us.

How and when will I receive my license? An Easy Time Tracking license will be delivered to you by email as soon as your payment is received.

What am I entitled to if I don't have Gold Subscription? All users without Gold Subscription are eligible to receive free minor updates and bug fixes within the version they've purchased. E.g. if you've purchased version 5.0.0 you'll be entitled to any minor update: 5.0.1, 5.0.2, etc. However the next version upgrade 5.1.x will be available free of charge only to the users with a valid Gold Subscription.

How does your licensing work? A 1-user license grants permission to use Easy Time Tracking PRO / Enterprise by a single user. If you need to use the program by 2 or more users, you should obtain a separate license for each user.

PLEASE NOTE: The built-in user - Administrator - should be included in the count of users when planning how many licenses to purchase.

Example: 5 users, including Administrator, would require 5 licenses.

You can purchase additional licenses at any time.

What is Gold Subscription? While it is optional, adding a Gold Subscription package to your license will let you have:

  • Free updates and upgrades within 12 months of the date of purchase
  • Web-based access via ETT Web, an add-on to the main application
  • Unlimited priority e-mail support
  • Priority access to beta versions

Please note:

  • It is highly recommended that you purchase Gold Subscription(s) at the time of ordering the license(s) for full coverage. Remember: Gold Subscription is effective for 12 months from the date of purchasing the license it covers.
  • Gold Subscription can be purchased separately from a license, but only within 3 months of the date of purchasing the license. Please write at [email protected] for details how to order Gold Subscription separately.
  • You're entitled to receive as many free upgrade licenses as you have Gold Subscription packages (e.g. to receive 3 licenses for a new version, 3 valid Gold Subscriptions would be required).
  • An expired Gold Subscription can be renewed.

For a full list of questions and answers, visit our dedicated FAQ Page