What do I get when I install Easy Time Tracking PRO 6.x package downloadable from your site?
What you get is an Easy Time Tracking Pro 15 Day evaluation package, which can be turned into the full ETT Pro immediately upon purchasing a license. In other words, ETT Pro is a shareware product.

How are users counted?
It is important to remember that the initial user – Administrator – must be counted as one of the users when planning how many licenses you are going to purchase. The first thing you will want to do is perhaps change the preset user’s Display Name to something that suit you, like your own name. It is done in User Management section of the program.

How do I upgrade from a previous version of the product?
Upgrading within the same version range, e.g. from
6.0.1 to 6.0.2, etc., is free of charge, whereas that from a lower version range to a higher, e.g. from
5.2.2 to 6.0.1, requires a new, of version 6.0.x, license. As long as a valid license is obtained, it can be used to unlock the Pro version. There is a convenient mechanism built in the 15 Day Trial allowing for instant upgrading your previous database into the current version. It is called Import previous data and it is found in the File menu.

Can I roll back to a previous version, e.g. 5.1.0?
Yes, you can. Starting from version 4.0.1, the way the product is installed on your computer has been changed so that it basically is a clean installation meaning that both program files and database are installed without overwriting the existing ones already installed, of a previous version. If you wish to use ETT data from a previous version you are welcome to import it to the new version. The original database remains unaffected provided it is imported from a different
database folder.

What happens when the 15 days expire?
Once your 15 day trial period has expired, the software will be disabled until you purchase Easy Time Tracking PRO license.

How do I register my copy of the Easy Time Tracking PRO?
To register, please follow these simple steps:

1. While running Easy Time Tracking 15-Day Trial go to Help, and select Buy Now. Or visit order page, and follow instructions on the screen.

2. Place your order to get a license file via email.
3. As the email arrives, save the attached file (ETT.config) to your hard drive.
4. With Easy Time Tracking 15-Day Trial or Easy Time Tracking Freeware Edition running, go to Help and select Add license.
5. Find ETT.config where you saved it, select the file and click ‘Open’.
6. Easy Time Tracking Pro is now registered with all its features available.

How do I use ETT Web? ETT Web is an add-on that allows you and users that share a database with you to 1) log time in a web browser, and 2) synchronize with the database. To start, click ETT Web Sync, and set up an account which will cover all the users currently registered in your database so that each of them can log in to the account in a web browser and log their time. As it is created, depending on whether your users have passwords or not, they will be sent notification with a link to access the account, or set up a password for it first. We require that your ETT account be protected by a password. After an account has been created you can use it by pasting its URL to your web browser’s address bar. You can do it on any computer in the world, no matter whether you have ETT installed on it or not. You can also access the account directly, from ETT.

What is available in ETT Web ?
So far, only manual time logging is available. Before you can log time make sure you have performed synchronization so that the tasks are uploaded and you can log time for them. As of version 6.0.3, you CANNOT yet add tasks in ETT Web. So, add customers, projects and tasks in
the ETT main app – synchronize – and then log time in ETT Web.

Time entries I have made do not seem to be visible. What can be the matter?
One of the likely reasons may be the wrong time range selected. Selecting a time range is done by using Day Navigator. Please note that you have two options to chose from: you can either select a predefined period, such as Yesterday, Today, etc., or specify a From & To time range. Whereas the former is handier, the latter enables you to specify a time period as narrowly as possible.

When I print an invoice generated by the software some ‘rubbish’ information appears at the top and bottom of the page. How do I remove it?
Upon clicking Page Setup a dialog box pop ups for you to make adjustments to the printed page. To remove the ‘rubbish’ at the top and bottom of a printed invoice or report, clear the Header and/or Footer fields.

Once disabled, a customer becomes invisible on all lists. What if I need to reengage the customer? How do I see it again?
This is done through Options | Preferences | General | System. Tick the ‘Show disabled customers’ checkbox, and click OK.

Projects or tasks that I give the ‘Closed’ status seem to disappear from the navigation tree as well as other lists in the program?

Easy Time Tracking allows for hiding projects or tasks of a certain status. Go to Options | Preferences | Default Lists, and set or remove a flag against the status in question. For example, you wish to have tasks with the ‘Closed’ status not to show in the program, so that lists of tasks are not ‘littered’ with ones no longer at issue. Put the tick mark in the Hidden column against Closed in the Status column. Click OK. This will make tasks with the said status invisible until the mark is removed.

I would like to have a time tracking tool accessible by users via the web. Does Easy Time Tracking PRO support this feature?
Yes, with Web Logger (formerly known as ETT Web) add-on. However it lacks very many features of ETT Pro.
It allows you to manually log time in a web browser all right, but it does not support the creation of tasks. Tasks have to be uploaded through synchronization with the main database. We recommend that you also try the Easy Projects .NET, which is a software product that is fully web-based. A free trial is available at the official website of this project management software.

How do I make the program not to go to the task bar as the program window is minimized? I prefer to have as few running programs on the task bar as possible.

It is adjusted via the right-click menu on the ETT icon in the system tray. Run the program, right-click on its icon in the system tray and select Hide when Minimized.

When creating time entries, is it possible to specify only duration, not “From – To”?
Yes. Follow this procedure, please. From Options menu, select General. In the Time Tracking Format settings, select the Duration radio button. To confirm the changes, click OK. From now on you will be tracking time with the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields invisible.

Can I log expenses for tasks only? How about ones that would be rather be included in general project costs, such as office rent, equipment, etc.?
Yes, Easy Time Tracking (both pro and freeware) allows for that and even more. In fact, expenses can be tracked for customers, projects and tasks separately. This ensures the appropriate level of flexibility in expense tracking. You will see that only the Customer column in the expense tracking screen is marked as a required field reflecting the fact that at least customer must be specified to be able to log an expense.

How do I have the program use, say, 9.00 AM as the default value while logging time manually?
The default value to be put in a From or To cell for you as you are logging time can be set in Options
| Preferences | General | Time tracking & timer. Note that this value is used only when logging time for a date that has yet no entries in the database. Example: You come to work on September 12th at 9:00 AM. The time is set as the default value. As you click on a From or To cell, the time value should appear there.

I prefer to use no currency symbol at all. Is that possible for Easy Time Tracking to show only values, without a currency symbol?
Easy Time Tracking uses the currency symbol chosen in Regional and Language Options in Control Panel. To show no currency symbol, type a space instead of the currency symbol in the respective box under the Currency Tab there.

In creating time entries, when specifying the ‘From’ or ‘To’ time, is it possible to change the default setting to that of, say, 9:00 AM in lieu of the current time?
Yes, it is. In Time
tracking & timer settings (Options | Preferences | General), tick the Default start time checkbox, and set the start time to 9:00 AM or any other value.

How do I set up Easy Time Tracking PRO to work in a network environment?

To set up Easy Time Tracking PRO (multi user support is only available in the PRO version) to run on a LAN, you need to share the folder where the database shared by all the users will be located. Following this, all users have to specify the path to the database by going in Options
| Preferences | General | Database and giving the full path to the database in the Database Location box.

What if I want to use the 24h time format instead of 12h, or the other way around?
Easy Time Tracking uses the time format used by Windows and set in Regional and Language Options (Start
| Control Panel | Regional and Language Options). So, to change the way time entries are presented, you need to change the format. This is done by clicking Customize button under Regional Options tab, and then, under Time tab, changing value in the time format field from h(h): to H(H): or vice versa.

Is there any limit on the number of entries that can be made with Easy Time Tracking?
Virtually none.

Is it possible to e-mail invoices and reports that I have generated with Easy Time Tracking PRO to my customers?
Easily, as long as your invoices or reports are sent as PDF documents. There are many software products that allow converting to PDF available. As soon as you have installed one as a printer, you can print invoices or reports generated by Easy Time Tracking PRO to PDF and send by e-mail the output PDF files. For example, a free PDF writer could be downloaded using this link: http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/Writer.asp

How do I get the login prompt back, if I checked ‘Remember my password’ box while logging in as User, not Administrator?
Start the program. In the menu, go to Options > User Details. Type a new password for the user in the ‘Password’, and retype it in the ‘Confirm’ field. Click OK. Exit and start the program. Log in as usual.

For some reason, when printed out or saved to PDF, my customized invoices do not come out with shaded areas that I put in place by changing the style.css file in Reports\StaticData folder.
Apparently, your Internet Explorer, which ETT uses to display and print out reports and invoices, is not set to printing background colors. Please open Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet options > Advanced > Printing. Select Print background colors and images, and click OK.