Keep track of your time logs efficiently with Easy Time Tracking. This product is for busy people who need a low learning curve, and fast simple action. Don’t look any further.

Keep and Analyze Your Time Logs with Ease!

The following ideas make Easy Time Tracking (FREE version is available) a perfect time log keeper:

  1. Why to Use Time Log Software

    Keeping daily time logs is a simple way to track how you’re spending your time. Having a detailed daily time log report (timesheet) of your activities, you can review and analyze your productivity. It is the first step toward better time management.

  2. Why to Keep Time Logs with Easy Time Tracking

    Easy Time Tracking is easy-to-use time management software that provides you with advanced features and tools (Timer, My Week Logger, Quick Logger, Time Logs History, To-do-list, Reports and much more) that will simplify and automate the process of time log keeping and analyzing. (FREE version is available for simplified single-user time log tracking).

  3. How to Keep Time Logs with Easy Time Tracking

    When you begin a new task, just run the Timer and record the start and stop time of your activity. It is possible to run Timer hidden, or have it on screen on top of all other windows. If you have a lot of tasks, it won’t be a problem to find the one you need on the dropdown list. Timer has advanced text search.
    If you prefer to record your time logs manually, try Quick Logger. It is a convenient tool to enter time without interrupting your current work. It is accessible from the main toolbar.

    By the end of the day, in My Week Logger (it is a personal scheduler) you’ll have a detailed list of the exact amount of time you spent on every task. Now you can easily review your daily time logs and see how productive you were.

    With ETT Web Logger, you will able to track and log time when you are out of the office. And when you are back, you can easily synchronize your web daily time logs with the main desktop database.

  4. How to Analyze Time Logs with Easy Time Tracking

    ETT is designed for efficient team time tracking. With multi-user mode enabled, a manager can log in as an administrator user and view all other users’ entries. As a project manager, you can use Time Logs History and Customizable Reports to review, analyze and manage the workflow of the whole team, create timesheets for team members and track their progress.

Only few features are mentioned here. Learn more about Easy Time Tracking or download free version to give it a try.