Easy Time Tracking 15-Day Trial download will start now. In 15 days, it will switch to the free version unless you register.
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While you are downloading, here are some tips and tricks that can help you get going...

What is Easy Time Tracking Free Version and is there a way to skip evaluation? The free version is enabled right after a 15-day trial expires. It is a limited functionality version of the main product with some features disabled. These include multiuser mode (only 1 user can use it), Timer, Advanced invoices (under Invoices & Payments), ETT Web, Quick Billing. Reports cannot be customized in the free version either. If you wish to skip evaluation and get the free version at once, place a request with our technical support. You will be required to provide your database file to make necessary changes to it. You will have it back in no time.

How do I set up Easy Time Tracking to work in a network environment? To set up Easy Time Tracking PRO (multi-user support is available in both ETT PRO and Enterprise) to run on a LAN, you need to share the folder where the database to be shared by all the users will be located. This done, all the users have to specify the path to the database by going in Options | Preferences | Database and setting the path to the database in the Database Location box.

I would like to have a time tracking tool accessible by users via the web. Does Easy Time Tracking PRO / Enterprise support this feature? Yes! Easy Time Tracking has a web component called ETT Web. You can log and track your hours through ETT Web and synchronize your web data with ETT on your desktop. For more information on ETT Web, please visit our feature tour.

How do I register my copy of the Easy Time Tracking PRO / Enterprise? 1. While running Easy Time Tracking 15-Day Trial go to Help, and select Buy Now. Or visit order page, and follow on-screen instructions.
2. Place your order to get a license file via email.
3. As the email arrives, save the attached file (ETT.config) to your hard drive.

4. With Easy Time Tracking 15-Day Trial running, go to the Help menu and select 'Add license file'.
5. Find the ETT.config where you saved it, select it and click 'Open'.
6. Easy Time Tracking PRO / Enterprise is now registered with all its features available.

Time entries I have made do not seem to be visible. What is the matter? One of the likely reasons may be the wrong date range selected. Selecting a date range is done by using Day Navigator. Please note that you have two options to chose from: you can either select a predefined period, such as Yesterday, Today, etc., or specify a From & To time range. Whereas the former is handier, the latter enables you to specify a time period as narrow or as wide as you need.

In creating time entries, when specifying the 'From' or 'To' time, is it possible to change the default setting to that of, say, 9:00 AM in lieu of the current time? Yes. In Time tracking & timer settings (Options | Preferences | General), tick the Default start time checkbox, and set the start time at 9:00 AM or any other value.

ETT Web Sync - what is this tool for? Suppose you have Easy Time Tracking set up in your office, and an employee who works from home. As his computer at home is not connected to the ETT database in the office, he cannot log his hours directly. This is where ETT Web comes in. You set up an ETT Web account (a simple two-step process), and the person can now access it in his favorite web browser and log time. When you start ETT Web Sync, it automatically downloads any time logs entered online, and uploads new tasks, projects etc. that you have created since last sync. The beauty of the arrangement is that there is no need to have ETT installed for a person to use ETT Web.

For more details, please visit our Tour page.

For a fuller list of questions and answers, visit our dedicated FAQ Page